This site is devoted to cataloguing and tracking compiuter wargames (computer games that is, according to Wikipedia "a strategy game that deals with military operations of various types, real or fictional) that are available for free or are very cheap (<$20).  Since I started wargaiming in the late 70's, I tend to gravitate towards games that utilize the classic turn-based, hex-grid game board and chit/counter format, although games with other formats (card based, real-time, etc) will also be included, but I have done my best to only include games that are trully realistic attempts at modeling military events (covering all historical eras and, sometimes, fictional settings).

The games listed here are divided into three categories. Since I am not a Mac user, I have not researched games that would operate on any flavor of MacOS, but instead focus on programs that operate on DOS and/or Windows computers (PC).  I also am also keeping track of games released on Android or iOS platforms (both platforms I use actively).  All games are tabulated by title, publisher, publication date, developer, OS and price, and include links and are sortable, and will be updated as new games are discovered or added that fit the criteria appropriate for inclusion on this site. 





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